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Answering Misconceptions

From the day the FFWW was dreamt up and a team put together, there was one vision - To put all proceeds from events back into the development of women's wake sports through building more events and providing financial scholarships & assistance!

To make this a reality, our team DO NOT take any payment for their time, this includes weekends/ time spent coaching through our clinics, hours spent discussing and organising events and future planing. We have so far worked to gain sponsorship to help cover costs of events so that we can put as much back into women's wake sports as possible and will often incur minor costs that are absorbed by each individual board member.  

We are more than happy to answer questions people may have about the operations of the FFWW, financial statements will be made available online in the near future. Please remember that we are new to this, we will face some teething problems from time to time, though will try our best to action and correct these as we learn.

We as a non-for-profit organisation appreciate everyone's support and hope to answer any questions or concerns people have before misconceptions are formed - We are an open book! 

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