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Jnr Crown Results Are In!

The first year of The FFWW Jnr Crown is over and it sure did exceed our expectations. A double flip, insane rail hits and big clean technical tricks were some of the things we didn't necessarily expect, though were so pumped to watch!

As a last minute brainstorm by our team and we are so thankful for the sponsors who were quick to jump on board in support of the competition and the junior women riders.

The submissions blew us away with the standard of riding from all our competitors. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to showcase these up coming riders and to have encouraged them promote themselves and their friends by making edits for their own social media platforms.


The point of this competition?

We wanted to showcase the next wave of Australian pro-women wakeboarders and encourage them to create more content and share it on your own social media platforms!

Yep, it was that simple of a concept.

We know how important it is to use your own platforms to promote yourself and your friends, though it can be a bit daunting and put in the "too hard basket"

Now you know how fun it is to film and edit your own videos, we want to see you all producing more!



One prize we are especially proud of is awarded to our first-place recipients in the form of mentoring sessions.

Ange Schriber (cable) and Amber Wing (boat) have been pioneers in women's wakeboarding on the world stage, becoming some of the best in the sport. These ladies will be donating their time to provide one on one sessions, sharing advice and knowledge on becoming a professional athlete, setting goals and how you can achieve them.

Within both the Boat and Cable divisions, our judges were divided, with each judge taking replaying footage until they were confident in their decisions.

Who were the judges:

Boat - Amber Wing, Daniella Lambert & Hayley Smith

Cable - Ange Schriber, Amber Wing, Hayley Smith

Some of the highlights noted by our judges:

  • Sienna Mayer, landing a HUGE double front roll. This makes her the youngest female to land a double. This is such a massive achievement!

  • Abby Guinan's whirly! This trick was super clean and not a trick we see very often in junior women's riding.

  • Charlie Gimson, putting together such a well rounded submission.

  • Charlotte Matelijan & Stella Kennedy both gave us great vibes and made us want to go wakeboarding with them!

  • Matilda Oldfield, if we had an award for the most supportive competitor it would go to you! Thank you for injecting your positivity into our social media!

Ready to see the final results?

Top 3 From Each Division:

Want to see the full results? Check them out here along with the video submissions and guidelines.

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